After I done the mechanical part of modeling, I use the servo to try it again in order to make sure it works good enough for the users’ control. And Itried it many times,I suffered from another mechanical issue, this time the servo is powerful enough to drive the whole physcial model.

However, the servo cannot drive the physical model move as a enough slope,I cannot find the reasons and then I discussed with Gareth, which aims to find the solution. Finally, I found due to the servo just works for 180 degrees, and this is not enough to drive the physical sheets to finish the game process.


屏幕快照 2016-11-29 上午9.35.26.png

Then I followed the Gareth and Tom’s advice, using the step motor to drive it because the step motor can drive in cyclic 360 degrees. Also fot the noise problem of the adxl345, Yoogle helped me to switch a little of the code and then it works between than before. Throughout these issues I have suffered, I found that when the menchanical system work together the digital system, it is super complex, and easy to encounter problems, sometimes the practice push you back to research, and I believe this is the key of critical design thinking, reserach through practice.

屏幕快照 2017-01-06 下午11.25.55.png


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