Then I started to build the physcial part of my project, the game routine is inspired by the basketball tactics, triangle offense’s movement, what I have explained in the research stage. My game procedure consists of serval triangles, which mirrors the real movement in the basketball game. I designed it in AI software, the whole piece contains serval parts, and I cut them separately and construct these 2D things into a 3D model by using some super glues.

屏幕快照 2017-01-06 下午11.14.51.png

Photo 04-11-2016, 14 38 28.jpg

Another point was mentioning is the bottom part, it is the most crucial part of the whole physical piece. It based on the lever principle, works in mechancial and digital principle at the same time. Firstly, when the servo receive the order from the adxl345 and arduino, servo will rotate in the same degrees, and then the pulley on the servo will drive the belt. Once the belt is drived, it will connect the two pulleys work together at the same time. Then the pulleys drive the stick, and finally the stick will pull the two springs through the strings, leading to the movement of the whole physcial piece.

Photo 29-11-2016, 09 02 57.jpg

Photo 19-11-2016, 17 47 48.jpg

Photo 09-11-2016, 16 20 46.jpg 副本.jpg


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