屏幕快照 2016-11-29 上午7.41.49.png

After researching the reference of the servo, I started my first experiment with the MG996R sensor. For the coding, I encountered some issues, the different orders of the servo and the accelerometer sensor fight with each other on the “serial print” step, leading to the fact that I cannot upload the code to the arduino and control the servo. This is a big difficulty for me and even Gareth cannot fix this problem in few days. Then I tried to discuss with our classmates, finally after five days, with the help of Yoogle and Gareth, I fix it by changing the coding methods.



屏幕快照 2016-11-29 上午7.42.47.png

At the same time, another issus came to me, because of the MG996 servo has the limition of the driving weight, just 1kg to 2kg, it is not enough for driving my physical installation. Then I switched to SAVOX 0252 servo motor, it is a very good servo and mostly can drive 10.5kg theoretically at most. And it finally worked.


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